Most of the events I plan are for a lot of people – office happy hours, company-wide meetings, conferences – but I really enjoy celebrating individuals.  One of our engineers was expecting a baby with his wife, so I put a twist on the traditional baby shower and threw a Baby Daddy shower for him!  We had activities to keep everyone engaged, great food, and a fun game to tie it all together.




We love to utilize ZeroCater to help us plan food for our events, as it’s totally affordable for a group as large as ours (usually 30-40) and they take all the guesswork out of planning menus.  They hooked us up with a delicious baking company called Viva La Tarte, which was a total hit.  They even surprised us with an “It’s a Girl” cake as part of their dessert platter.  People couldn’t get enough.




Diaper notes was a fun way for people to have a laugh while giving mom and dad something useful to come home with.  People wrote little funny notes/quips on the back of a diaper so the new parents could have something to (hopefully) smile at when they need to make those late-night changes for baby.




Probably one of the biggest hits of the party was the onesie decorating station.  I purchased about 15 onesies online in different sizes, as well as fabric markers and a T-shirt stamping kit.  People at my office LOVE arts and crafts, so they enjoyed being able to get creative and clever when making unique onesies for the new baby.  Plus, the new parents have a ton of adorable outfits to dress their baby in!


After everyone was settled and having a good time, I hosted a Baby Jeopardy game where the new parents faced off against each other answering baby-related categories.  I purchased some buzzers from Amazon and printed and laminated all the categories and question/answer cards and placed them on a magnetized board.  The categories were: diaper bag items, celebrity moms, movies titles with “baby” and nursery rhymes.  Mom won, but dad was a good sport.

Party Favors


Oriental Trading is such an affordable place to get all sorts of party supplies.  I made these gift bags and filled them with bubblegum cigars, “It’s a Girl” mints, pink chocolate candy and pink swirled lollipops…all for under $60!

I also put together a “baby daddy survival kit” for the dad.  The ones I found online that were already put together were so expensive and not personal at all, so I made my own!  I purchased a metal bucket from Amazon, filled it with shredded brown paper (thought that was festive but also sort of manly), printed and laminated a cute label for it and filled it with the following gifts:

We also sent them home with some company-branded baby clothes to help them remember just how fun our company is.